Who we are

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The Saasbox founding partners have been developing, selling and integrating software for office printers like print management, fleet management, output management and scan solutions since the late 1980s.

After years of working in the industry and seeing manufacturers of high-end consumer and business equipment require constant upgrades from their customers to increase their turnover rates, we think it’s time for a new, user oriented era.

Saasbox facilitates a major part of the interfacing software of these devices into the cloud, thus moving personal settings and preferences away from the device itself and leaving its interface as a blank canvas, ready to be shared and operated by anyone using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our Partners

Saasbox lets you efficiently and intuitively operate all your electronic devices from your own tablet or smartphone.

Why we do

what we do

The majority of high-end equipment and appliances like printers, coffee machines and even cars are designed with small computers with integrated displays that allow us to configure our preferences, personalise the functionalities and operate the device.

It’s supposed to be convenient but it
has 2 major setbacks:

The interface on the device is often
complex and tedious to program and once
you figure it all out, it still only applies to
that one device.

90% of the users only use 10% of
the functionalities on their devices
because the programming is so

Saasbox brings device-operating software into the cloud. We’ve developed our own easy to use apps that allow you to operate your personal and business devices more efficiently in a convenient pay per use or user system.

The Saasbox Solution:
Cloud based
Simple to use
Less stressful
User-friendly apps

The Saasbox Solutions

It all makes so much sense that in the process of developing Saasbox, we created our own app that lets you print documents from your smartphone. It´s super easy, so we called it Peasy.

Peasy, printing made easy.

Peasy eliminates the need for your own IT print infrastructure as it relocates all print related interfacing functionalities to your smartphone. No more servers, no more additional embedded software on the printers, less resources needed and minimised, flexible costs.

From the cloud, straight to your hands.

Print Infrastructure as a service
Print from any device
Collect print-outs at any
connected printer
Pay per user
User friendly and secure

Peasy combines all the advantages of printing as a service with every available measure to guarantee the security and privacy of your information.

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Personalised interfacing with your devices has never been so easy.

Our goal is to facilitate economic use and smart sharing of both devices as related software in an intuitive, efficient and sustainable way.

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